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QXP LMS System
Features for Parents

Parent-Teacher Collaboration

Engage in productive conversations with educators, ensuring your child receives the support they need.

Communication Channels

Stay informed about announcements, events, and updates from the school and educators.

Real-Time Progress Tracking

Monitor your child's academic progress, assignment submissions, and engagement with course materials.

Parents Portal

Active Participation

Active Participation

Get involved in your child's education, allowing you to provide guidance and support.

Parents Portal

Transparent Insights

Transparent Insights

Gain insights into your child's strengths and areas for improvement through real-time performance tracking.

Parents Portal

Open Communication

Open Communication

Maintain a strong connection with your child's school and educators, promoting a unified approach to their development.

parents-benefits-01 Learning Materials
Access to Learning Materials

Explore the resources and materials provided to your child, allowing you to assist them with their studies and projects.

parents-benefits-02 Commuication
Direct Communication with Educators

Establish a direct line of communication with teachers, enabling you to address concerns or seek clarifications on your child's progress.

parents-benefits-03 Accountability
Encourage Accountability

Support your child's self-discipline by reviewing assignment deadlines, upcoming assessments, and milestones together.

How it works

Getting Started



Log in to your QXP LMS parent account using the credentials provided by the school.



Access your child's courses, monitor their progress, and stay informed about school announcements.



Engage with educators, participate in parent-teacher meetings, and actively support your child's learning.

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